HAED's Merlin and Arthur

I finally took out my HAED again! I had to check on my WIP's page, to see that it was over half a year ago that I stitched on this... And I was really surprised to see, that I started this in March 2006. So I'm already working on this for almost 3 years!

Thursday evening I started on page 7 (which is the 8th page I'm working on). And after 2 evenings this white bulb (a piece of sky) is my progress!

But I'm starting to feel addicted again, so that's the good news!

This is what it should look like in a few years:

Hugs, Simone


Nancy zei…
So glad to see you back at this one! I love seeing progress pictures of this! The sky is looking good!
Joke zei…
Wow, Simone, your stitching a HAED too! Great to see, it's a beautiful one, so keep going!
Silvia zei…
Wat een werk!!!!!!!
Ik wens je er de komende jaren veel succes mee!
Vereet niet dat we ook nog quilten hè...
Groetjes Silvia
Cathy B zei…
Wow Simone - that's amazing. I've never even attempted a design from HAED. You've made great progress so far; hope to see more of this one in 2009!
Laura zei…
It is gorgeous! HAEDs do take a certain amount of patience, but the end result is stunning.

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