Little HD!

Whoohoo! Yesterday evening I finished page 7 of Merlin & Arthur! I'm happy :))) Tralalala...

Here's the total of what I stitched so far:

Now I first have to draw some more grid lines, before I can continue. But there are a lot of other things shouting at me, so it's propably going to take a while before I stitch on M&A again...

In the mean time I'm started a small "model stitch job" voor Bep. She asked me to stitch something from the new Hatched and Patched book "The world as it should be". It's only a bookmark, so I'll probably can show you a pic of it tomorrow.

Hugs, Simone


Laura zei…
Wow, your HAED WIPs both look fantastic. Seeing them makes me want to go stitch some more on mine.
Nancy zei…
Just getting a page done on these is truly a fantastic feat! Congrats on getting there and when you get back to it, we will all enjoy your updates!
Maren zei…
Wow, your HAED is awesome! I've got dozens of their designs on my wish list, but I've been real hesitant about ordering them because I wasn't sure how the patterns would turn out. This has just settled my mind. That picture is just as clear as clear can be!

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