Update M&A

Here's another update of Merlin & Arthur:

Last week I've stitched two exchanges for February in between, but I'm finally reaching the end of this page. And than I can start some new things! Yippee! :)

I found on the internet an old sewing machine for FREE! The wood on top isn't pretty anymore, and I have no place for it in my house... So it's in my garden now!

In our local second hand store I also found an old iron. I'm really pleased with this little space in my garden! This spring I'll add some flowers too it.

When I was surfing through some blogs, I came on the Martha Stewart website. Look at her craft room!!! She has a separate desk for everything! OK... I know she's a professional, but isn't it heaven to have a space like this???
I'm very happy with my own little stash/stitching room, so I'm not complaining, but Martha's room is an absolute dream, IMO.

Hugs, Simone


Terri zei…
Great progress and that is an awesome find with the sewing machine and iron
Nancy zei…
Finishing a page is a wonderful thing! It looks great. Love the outdoor sewing machine! Although I don't think it would work well with our 6 months of winter and snow!
Twana zei…
M & A looks great!
Laura zei…
You are SO very close to that page finish on Merlin and Arthur. You'll be done soon. And I love Martha Stewart's craft room also!
Mylene zei…
You have great progress on M & A.
Karen zei…
Merlin is looking so good!!! Great progress! And I love your garden sewing spot :) That's a great find!

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