26 januari 2009

Update M&A

Here's another update of Merlin & Arthur:

Last week I've stitched two exchanges for February in between, but I'm finally reaching the end of this page. And than I can start some new things! Yippee! :)

I found on the internet an old sewing machine for FREE! The wood on top isn't pretty anymore, and I have no place for it in my house... So it's in my garden now!

In our local second hand store I also found an old iron. I'm really pleased with this little space in my garden! This spring I'll add some flowers too it.

When I was surfing through some blogs, I came on the Martha Stewart website. Look at her craft room!!! She has a separate desk for everything! OK... I know she's a professional, but isn't it heaven to have a space like this???
I'm very happy with my own little stash/stitching room, so I'm not complaining, but Martha's room is an absolute dream, IMO.

Hugs, Simone

6 opmerkingen:

Terri zei

Great progress and that is an awesome find with the sewing machine and iron

Nancy zei

Finishing a page is a wonderful thing! It looks great. Love the outdoor sewing machine! Although I don't think it would work well with our 6 months of winter and snow!

Twana zei

M & A looks great!

Laura zei

You are SO very close to that page finish on Merlin and Arthur. You'll be done soon. And I love Martha Stewart's craft room also!

Mylene zei

You have great progress on M & A.

Karen zei

Merlin is looking so good!!! Great progress! And I love your garden sewing spot :) That's a great find!