Snowmen & Reindeer part 1

I've started a monthly club from Bird Brain Designs; the Snowmen & Reindeer Bluework quilt (S&RBQ). And here's my first block:

Now you're probaly wondering where the blue is??? Well, I decided to do it in some warm colors. But I think I'm going to use a little blue for the snowmen in the next blocks. Than I can also use the blue buttons that come with the patterns.

Hugs, Simone (tired after a whole day of friends & family for DS' birthday)


Nic zei…
That is so cute! I can't wait to see the rest of the series!
Nana's Quilts zei…
Oh that is so cute! You are going to be delighted when the year is over and you have a whole group of those. Fabulous!
See you in just a little more than a month! Hurrah!

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