Collection des Ciseaux

Yesterday I bought the heart shaped scissors from Stacy Nash Primitives at Bep's. I think it's too cute! I received several scissors in exchanges before, so I thought it was nice to display them together.

I did a Google search on "Collection des Ciseaux", but my collection is still very tiny! I saw the most wonderful scissors...
The tray I've got once from Iris in an exchange.

Now, that are HUDGE scissors! They belonged to my grandfather (who already passed away before I was born), who was a tailor. He used to cut his fabric with them.

Hugs, Simone


Barbeeque4 zei…
I love your collection, and they look very pretty on the tray!!
Denise zei…
I love your scissors! I am
always seeing the pair on the right
bottom - the ones with the pretty,
ornate handles.
Where can I order those? I never
see them anywhere!
Happy Stitching,
Sue zei…
That is a lovely way to display your scissors. I've had a pair of those stork scissors for years...the gilt has just about worn off, but I love them....they were a present from my son...something he picked out himself when he was are very special

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