13 maart 2009

Spring is here!

We finally have some nice weather, so the crocusses are bursting out of the ground!

The Dutch name for Helleborus is "Kerstroos (Christmas Rose)", but in my garden they always wait 'till March...

Happy Spring!

4 opmerkingen:

Denise zei

Your flowers are lovely! Just a
thought, my 'Christmas Roses'
are actually 'Lenten Roses', perhaps your are, too!
Love your stitching and your blog,

Sue zei

Those are beautiful flowers. We are still waiting for some cool weather in Perth. It is going to be hovering around 95 degrees F for the next couple of days....and will hopefully start cooling off after that!

tammie zei

beautiful flowers they are great welldone..

Brigitte zei

Oh, how I love these pictures. I'd love to see the first crocus in our garden but we've just had two warmer days so far. But I have detected some snowdrops in our neighbour's garden, so spring seems to be just around the corner.