23 april 2009

Birthday exchange from Wendy Jo

Wendy Jo said I don't have to wait till my birthday, so I opened her package up right away! I'm like a small child when it comes to birthdays ;) Here's what Wendy Jo sent me:

What a great package it is! Wendy Jo picked a LHN chart (Heart and Home sampler) from my wishlist and also added some cord for finishing and piecemakers needles. And on top of that, she made me this wonderful Scissorskeep:

With a pair of stork scissors on the back:

Thanks again Wendy Jo! I love everything you sent me a lot!!! This is great start for my upcoming birthday ;)

Big Hugs, Simone

2 opmerkingen:

WendyJo zei

You are so welcome Simone! I wish you a very happy birthday!!!

Andrea zei

A wonderful birthday present from Wendy Jo.