Update Grand Marquoir SAL

I'm finally working on Isabella Vautiers "Grand Marquoir Mystery SAL" again! I've started it, stitched only three blocks of it, and after that I was too busy stitching other things....

In the mean time part 2 and 3 were already released, so I'm way behind! But after a few nights of stitching I did another 4 blocks.

I hope to catch up with this one, so only 20 blocks more to go ;)

BTW: If you think it looks strange.... You're right! I'm going to use the blocks separate in a quilt, so I have some extra space between each block. And instead of 6 blocks in a row, I have only 4 blocks in a row. That's because the fabric I use is a coupon, and wasn't wide enough. But it will all come right when it's going to be finished into the quilt!

Hugs, Simone


Nancy zei…
Looks very pretty and if you are doing a quilt with it, I'm sure it will be just stunning!
Nina zei…
Beautiful progress!
Riet zei…
Simone jij schiet ook al lekker op. Doe jij de schaduwkleur niet?
Ik heb hem even aan de kant gelegd.
Ben nu met mijn summersampler bezig, lekker even wat kleurtjes.
Fijn weekend, Riet
Angela zei…
It looks lovely and what a great way to combine two hobbies.
BeckySC zei…
It's looking just lovely, Simone :)
Oh, Simone, you've done a wonderful job with this piece. It's just beautiful. I love it!
Ingrid. zei…
Wat mooi op deze ondergrond !
Gefeliciteerd met de award die je van Cindy hebt gekregen.
Goed weekeinde , groetjes Ingrid.

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