07 juni 2008

It's all about birds

I was getting worried about my Feathered Friends exchange. Because I still hadn't heard that it was arrived. But when I took a look at Joan's blog I found out she received it almost two weeks ago! Well this is what I've made for Joan:
Design: "Blue Bird" from "Spring Patches" leaflet, Homespun Elegance
Fabric: 28 ct. linen band
Floss: DMC
Finish: ornament / hanger
Yesterday I received my return-crazy-exchange from Carol. She sent me this wonderful fob (what else?) and a chart from my wishlist:

The funny thing about this fob is, that I received an almost similar fob from Cathy just a while ago!!! Look here....

Speaking of birds... We had a nest of titmouses in one of the birdhouses. And the babies are out now! Isn't it cute???

5 opmerkingen:

Daffycat zei

All the birds look fab! I LOVE the FF's so cute!

Andrea zei

Wonderful exchanges!

Carol zei

Cute exchange! And you are more than welcome for the return gift for CE :-) too funny that Cathy stitched almost the same thing! I chose the goldfinch design as they arre in my garden all summer - pretty flashes of bright yellow amongst my flowers! That titmouse is pretty! The titmice here are more dark grey, less colorful. Must be a different species in North America.

Elza zei

Wat heb je weer mooie dingen gemaakt en gekregen.
Je tuin ziet er ook goed uit.

staci zei

Quite a cute flock of birdies flying to and fro!!!